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Our Firm

Denny Miller Associates is one of the most well-established, successful
 government relations consulting firms in Washington, DC.

Our team is comprised of Washington's best government relations professionals.

Our relationships, experience, and first-hand knowledge of the legislative process have enabled us to deliver legislative victories and solutions to our clients for over 25 years.


  Our Difference
We have many years of experience in Washington, DC and understand how to navigate the complex, fast-paced environment of the nation’s capital.

Our mission is to assist our clients by developing and executing legislative strategies and keep them on the leading edge of information in the rapidly changing world of politics, policy and regulatory matters.

  Our Expertise
We represent clients across a broad range of sector areas including defense and aerospace, transportation, natural resources, education international trade, health care, technology, biotechnology, and more. 
  Our Success
With a comprehensive knowledge of the mechanics of the legislative process and a broad bipartisan network that spans the Congress and many executive agencies, we deliver solutions for our clients across the spectrum of the federal government. The favorable report language and statutory changes that we have successfully secured on behalf of our clients are a direct result of Denny Miller Associates' 25 years of experience.
400 North Capitol Street NW  -  Suite 363  -  Washington, DC 20001  -  (202) 783-0280