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Mark Baker, of Counsel

Mark Baker became of Counsel to Denny Miller Associates, Inc. in 2000. He is a partner in the law firm of Anderson, Baker & Swanson, PLLC, located in Helena, Montana. Anderson, Baker & Swanson, PLLC serves a variety of business clients with legal, legislative, regulatory and administrative interests at the state and federal level.

Mark resides in Helena, Montana, with his wife, Jennifer, and their youngest daughter, Jaci. They have three other grown children: Danielle Vert, who resides in Los Angeles and is pursuing a career in dance; Sarah Page, a Sports Conditioning Technician at Benefis Hospital in Great Falls; and their son, Gary Vert, a civil engineer residing in Helena. 

400 North Capitol Street NW  -  Suite 363  -  Washington, DC 20001  -  (202) 783-0280